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The Procedure


If you have an idea of exactly what you would like at your wedding or event, feel free to use our "Pricing" page to see if we fit within your budget. If you’re not sure yet, please email info@stringthings.co.za and we will advise you on what you would like at your wedding or event. Once you have decided, please email us for a quote.

Please note: this deposit is not refundable, even on cancellation.

A 50% deposit is required on acceptance of the quote, and to book us for your required date.

The next step would be to set up a meeting. This can all be done electronically, or we can set up a meeting and finalize arrangements, and sign all paperwork. Face-to-face meetings are suggested if you’re still unsure of what you want, have any special requests, or your wedding or event is in less than one month. If you would like to complete the form with details usually discussed in the meeting, please follow this link: Wedding Information Form

In the meeting we will also sign an Agreement between both parties. If you would like to do this electronically or view the agreement, please follow this link: Agreement

Two weeks before your wedding or event is the deadline for deciding on or finalizing music choices. Music we do not currently have (see Music) is charged for at an additional price. Please be sure that any music you want is included in your quote before you accept it.

One week before the wedding or event, final details will be smoothed out. The remaining 50% balance is also due, and a portfolio of each musician who will be playing at your event will be sent.

One day before, final confirmation will be relayed, to allow for no final conversations on the day. You will only be contacted on the day of your wedding if there is a serious issue.