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We will be exhibiting at the Oakfield Farms Wedding Expo on the 30th and 31st of January, situated at the Conservational Gardens (along the right as you enter). Please feel free to visit our stand to hear our talented musicians play and speak to someone about the possibilities of one of our experienced groups playing at your wedding. We look forward to seeing you there where we will be presenting string quartets, a cello duo, modern/pop bands, a jazz band, and a few wind instruments.


String Things was founded in 2014 by Lindzi Wiggins and Frances Levenderis. We provide talented musicians for any events, but particularly weddings. We work within Gauteng, with many of our musicians residing in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We will provide any genre of music, and any specific music you require to make your day perfect.

Each wedding or event is assigned to either Lindzi or Frances, and we act not only as manager on the day, but also your point of contact. This allows you to only relay all necessary information to only one person, and we in turn relay that to our team of experienced musicians. We currently provide violins, violas, cellos, pianos or keyboards, saxophones and harps, but we have contacts with multiple other musicians including: guitarists, singers (classical and jazz) and drummers. Our most popular combinations are: string quartets, string trios, violin or cello duos, and any solo instrument accompanied by piano.

As we know that organizing a wedding can be time-consuming, we are willing to do most organization electronically: emails, cellphone calls, skype or other video calls, and all documents necessary can be completed, signed, scanned or emailed. We are also willing to meet with you in person multiple times, including rehearsal ceremonies etcetera.